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Touched by the Spirit of God, First in a Series

I am continuing with a testimony from Fr. Richard Beyer:

Selected Text from the Book Blessed Art Thou, By Fr. Richard J. Beyer

Father Richard J. Beyer is a priest and writer with first-hand knowledge of the healing power of God’s love. In his ministry to those recovering from substance abuse and other symptoms of “broken-ness” he introduces many who have known little human love to the love of Our Eternal Father expressed through divine revelations in classical works of mystical spirituality such as God Calling (A.J.Russell, ed.), and He and I, by Gabriel Bossis.

Possibly the most intimate and moving messages given byChrist and his Mother in recent times have been received byVassula Ryden, a fifty-three-year-old wife and mother livingin Switzerland.

I have never encountered messages that radiate the warmth, love, and even the pain of Christ as these do. Their power to move the heart and awaken the soul speaks of the immense grace they carry, far beyond the power of words.

“I come,” the Lord said, “to refresh all that has already been taught by Me. My message is one of peace and love. I come to show this world My mercy.” He is also affected by the corruptand immoral society of today, “Your era has lost all spiritual values. The world has incessantly been offending Me, and I, for my part, have incessantly been reminding them of my existence and of how I love them.” And divine love, of course, is the core of the messages just as it is the essence of God Himself. “I love you to a degree you are unable to grasp... I, God, love you to distraction.” This is the major emphasis of the revelations. Elsewhere the Lord states, “The weaker and more wretched you are, the more I seek you and love you.” And concluding many messages are the words, “Love loves you.”

Other messages speak of the profound vulnerability of God, a far cry from the theologies of a disengaged God, or an Un-moved Mover:

You come to me, my Vassula, yet you are not telling me what is in your heart. I feel your heart, Vassula; it is laden with sorrow and pain. Do you want to know why? I will tell you why: it is because Love suffers. When I suffer, you suffer too. I have given you the grace of synchronizing with Me at all times. You are My reflection. What I feel, you feel—I am letting you feel Me. Souls are piercing me anew.”

On January 6, 1988, Vassula transcribed this dialogue:

Vassula: Jesus, is your own glorified Body touched by suffering? Aren’t you and our Holy Mother beyond personal suffering now in heaven?

Christ: Vassula, I have no physical body [Christ has a glorified body], I am Spirit. Since I am Spirit I have no physical pain, but my soul suffers intolerably, as well as the soul of your Holy Mother, when we see our children heading straight into Satan’s traps.

Vassula: But Lord, do you also suffer when I suffer, for example, if one accuses me unjustly, would you suffer?

Christ: If you are accused wrongly, I suffer for both—for the accuser and the accused. Injustice comes from Satan, and since it comes from him it signifies that the accuser has been manipulated by Satan; as for the accused, my heart pains for the victim. I have my words in the Holy Bible; I am glorified, but since I am united to you, I feel all that you feel.

As a priest and spiritual writer, my personal judgment is that the revelations of Christ and Our Lady through Vassula are an extraordinary treasure of grace for this generation as it approaches the second millennium. “I tell you solemnly,” theLord has said to Vassula, “that I shall keep spreading my HolySpirit on your sons and daughters as has never happened among many generations, to nourish you from my own hand.” I have used the messages in my morning prayer, soon after awakening. As I slowly read along, I pause whenever I am struck by a particular phrase or image, closing my eyes and allowing it to fully penetrate. Sometimes I don’t get through one paragraph in half an hour, but that is not the point. It’s in reflection that grace nourishes the soul, which is the entire purpose of the revelations. In this case, do not read to know, so much as to feel. Of course any time of day is suitable for meditation, but I find that my mind is less cluttered in the early morning or late at night. I might add that this method of reflective prayer is also a key to discerning the messages of other apparitions. In a way it allows the Holy Spririt to do the discerning.

The full article can be read in the book entitled Touched by the Spirit of God, Insights into "True Life in God", ISBN No. 1-883225-21-3.

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