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Testimony from Rev. Ljudevit Rupcic, OFM

Significance of the Messages Given Through Vassula

By Rev. Ljudevit Rupcic, OFM, Theologian, Professor of Exegesis, Author, Zurich, Switzerland

Father Rupcic is well known to many Medjugorje pilgrims for his invaluable insights into Marian apparitions that have occurred throughout Church history.

The life of Vassula Ryden, her experiences, and efforts to spread the message of Jesus constitute a particular phenomenon, the cause, consequence, and true meaning of which are not yet fully recognized.

Vassula Ryden sees interiorly and receives messages from God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary, and angels. Her experience differs from numerous other experiences throughout salvation history only in the method by which she receives these revelations. The Bible, after all, is replete with messages from God the Father, Jesus and others to people on earth. This has certainly continued beyond Biblical revelation to the times in which we live.

Vassula’s phenomenon has its historical, religious, theological, and salvific contexts which make it more easily comprehensible. In this context, we can see how this phenomenon not only fits into a historical and religious reality but is also deeply rooted as a logical continuation of God’s redeeming efforts throughout history.

Authentic divine revelations must not be discounted or ignored on the grounds of being non-Biblical. Nor should anyone, if God chooses to speak, respond: “This is not my concern.” This would be the attitude toward God of a non-believer. Authentic apparitions or mystical phenomenon, even if they are without verbal messages, as at Knock in Ireland – always confide revelations. They are an unearned gift from God for the good of the Church, the whole world, and for all souls. Apparitions always fit into an historical context, bearing a relation to particular circumstances of the time and to the needs of the people touched by these graces.

The dialogue between God and man in the last 150 years has intensified in relation to the historical and religious situation. Vassula is a living witness that this dialogue still continues today. Her writings are the newest evidence of this, and in them God follows the logic of salvation with stress on priorities specific to our time. From Vassula’s notes it is easy to see that the Savior of the world is at work extraordinarily in man. From the messages it is also clear that the trends and development of our time have doubtless hastened the day of Christ’s coming and mankind must face that fact.

The full article can be read in the book entitled Touched by the Spirit of God, Insights into "True Life in God", ISBN No. 1-883225-21-3.

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