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More Testimonies

Fr Gregory, Father Superior CSWG

Father Gregory is Father Superior of the Community of the Servants of the Will of God, a small community of Anglican monks living in Crawley, UK.

These Messages Are From The Holy Trinity

The Messages, which Vassula has been receiving since 1985, have been studied by several eminent theologians, who have found them to be entirely consistent with the Scriptures and Tradition of the Church. They have been astonished to observe that Vassula, who had no previous catechetical training, could record teaching about the most profound doctrinal and spiritual matters with such ease and no trace of error. Moreover Vassula herself and the Messages have been investigated by the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who were satisfied by her answers to their questions. Cardinal Ratzinger asked Vassula to publish their questions with her answers, along with the related correspondence, which she has done; and the booklet, entitled 'True Life In God: Clarifications With The Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith', is now available gratis for all the clergy.

The Lord makes it clear in the Messages that they in no way add to the revelation, which is already complete in Scripture, but that they are intended to be reminders, to be heard in the Spirit, of what is now often ignored in that revelation, according to the provision He describes in John 16:12-15. In every age the Lord inspires His prophets for this task. Those who are enlightened by the same Spirit as moved the prophets to speak words from the Lord will discern the authenticity of the words of the prophets; and in the same way the Holy Spirit is the only Person who can finally convince the reader of the authenticity of the Messages of True Life in God. Indeed even those who have been satisfied, through external verbal criteria, that the Messages are genuine will still need to be taught by the Holy Spirit how to hear them from the heart, in a fully personal way, in order to benefit from them in the way that the Lord intends. Thousands of people from all over the world have already witnessed in this way to the authenticity of the Messages, and have found them to be, as the Lord has described them, His love hymn to His people.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This blog will be used to focus on the Notification by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith dated October 1995 which cautioned bishops and the faithful against the same messages. The testimonies which follow indicate that the Notification has stimulated many scholarly works by priests defending the authenticity and value of the True Life in God messages. “There are many who could defend you,” Jesus told Vassula in November 1995.


Fr. Edward O'Connor, retired Notre Dame University Professor of Theology

Father Edward O’Connor, C.S.C is uniquely qualified to provide a reliable analysis of the Notification. He taught theology at the University of Notre Dame for 41 years. Moreover, he has made a rigorous study of the True Life in God writings, in the course of which he has had several extensive discussions with Vassula over the years. His well-reasoned conclusion on the key issue of obedience and respect for the Church’s authority is unequivocal. He declares that faithful Catholics are allowed to read Vassula’s writings, to attend her lectures, and even to promote them. As the sampling of testimonies attests, his conclusions are shared by other authoritative clergy the world over. Visit and click on Testimonies.

Father Christian Curty, Guardian, Franciscan Monastery

Priest-Exorcist for the Dioceses of Avignon and Marseille, FranceLetter to Cardinal RatzingerTo: Mgr Joseph Ratzinger Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of FaithAvignon, 28 January 1996”“…Being an Exorcist Priest, I have many times encountered the enemy face to face, the real Anti-Christ and I have the painful habit of hearing from the mouth of this liar and rebel "Messages" which have no resemblance with what Mrs Vassula Ryden receives.
Being also a graphologist (with a diploma) I have been precisely in the "modalities" to which the Notification refers and I have closely studied Mrs Ryden's handwriting in the messages, but they do not bear and are not in relation to the automatic handwriting or content of messages of spiritualists.Mrs Ryden's messages have a remarkable doctrinal rigour, agreement with the Bible and a spiritual loftiness which one never finds in spiritualists' revelations.”
”… recognizing the voice of its Master and Pastor, Who invites us to conversion and to Unity in the Faith "so that men believe"? Are we always in communion with the Church when we perceive in these Writings not a Call to the "Pan-Christian Community", but an invitation to all the Church, divided in its members, to unite under the guidance of 'Peter'?”
Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo, Archbishop of RanchiCardinal Toppo introduced Vassula when she came to speak in his Diocese back in November, 2004. Below is an excerpt from his speech:"The surprising thing is that Vassula did not have any catechetical instruction, leave alone theological training what so-ever and yet her charismatic teaching seems to be in conformity to Scripture, Tradition and the writings of Schlars and Saints... " View the full report at

Niels Christian Hvidt

"May God bless her"
The following is an account of a private meeting with Pope John Paul II on February 14, 1998.

Together with two friends, Anu and Abhay George, originating from Kerala in India, but presently living in Denmark, I, Niels Christian Hvidt, had the opportunity to participate in the mass of the Holy Father in his Private Chapel. It was the 10th of February 1998.Ten priests were concelebrating with the Holy Father, and altogether we were a number of 23 lay-people present. After a very beautiful and austere mass the Holy Father received us in the Audience-Hall close to the Private Chapel, distributing Rosaries and blessing and greeting each of us. About five people had brought gifts to the Holy Father.I had with me the 10th Volume of True Life in God in French. Some months before, Vassula had dedicated it to the Holy Father and given the book to me. Inside, on the first page it said:
Pour le Saint Pere Jean-Paul II.Que Dieu vous benisse et vous protege,Vassula
To the Holy Father John Paul II.May God bless you and protect you,Vassula
When he came to me, I had the book in my hand. Having received the Rosary and kissed his hand, I said in German: "I have brought a very important book for you. It is the book of Vassula." The Holy Father, with interest replied "Ah! Vassula!" Also Mons. Stanislaw Dziwizs, for decades the personal Secretary of the Pope and three days before this audience appointed a bishop, with interest said: "Vassula!" Both clearly recognised her name. I then went on to say: "She has dedicated it for you". With sincere and warm interest the Pope looked at the book, opened it and saw Vassula's greeting and then said "Gott segne sie": "May God bless her". He made the sign of the Cross over the book. Then he handed it on to Mons. Mietec, who collects the gifts, that the Holy Father may take a look at them after the audience.Before he passed on to the next person of the group, I said to him: "We pray very much for you, Holy Father", to which he replied "Thank you!"

The following quote of Pope John Paul II, given at a special general audience at the Vatican, is taken from the Spanish language edition of L'Osservatore Romano, dated the 16th August 1996.(This Apostolic blessing came, of course, 9 months after the Notification) "I cordially salute the persons of the Spanish language present here, especially the religious of the Congregation of 'Saint Teresa of Jesus' and THE SPIRITUAL GROUPS OF 'TRUE LIFE IN GOD'. I wish to all of them a spiritual summer which will help them to reaffirm their Christian promise so that their generous answer to God can be the witness to His love in the world. I give you, with affection and to your loved ones, the Apostolic blessing" .

I welcome your comments and your own testimonies regarding the True Life In God Messages

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